Happy Easter & Passover! 
This Friday, April 19, 2019, there will be NO ROTARY MEETING!!
**The Rotary office will also be closed April 19th. See you next week! 
During the April 12, 2019 meeting, Rotarian Raquel Raderchak introduced the newest member of the Rotary Club of Canton, Alex Dowell. Alex's sponsor is Stephanie Werren. Raquel provided this information regarding Alex to the members:
Alex grew up in Canton, OH as an only child. She attended Plain Local School District from first grade through graduation. During her high school career, she took college credit classes and obtained her cosmetology license, which she still uses today.

She continued on to college at Kent State University, working towards her Communications and Public Relations Degree. Alex worked part time as a teller at First Merit Bank, while attending classes full time. She completed a Marketing Internship with First Merit and graduated in 2016 with her bachelors degree.

Alex decided to continue her career in banking for the next three years, working at two different banking institutions. Throughout her time at KeyBank,  she quickly advance through the ranks and was placed at one of the highest producing branches in Northeastern Ohio. She was recognized as New Comer of the Year and also completed the Leadership Stark County Spotlight Program.

Her career has recently taken a 180, as she is now working for the Stark Federal Credit Union as the business development liaison. She is an active member of the Canton, Alliance and Canal Fulton Chambers of Commerce, serves on the board for Ystark!, and is applying to be on several other committees.

She has huge aspirations for her future and is very excited to become part of the Canton Rotary. Alex can’t wait to see where these new found Rotary relationships will take her.
If you were not able to attend Friday's Rotary Club of Canton meeting, here are some of the smiling faces and folks that you missed....
For our 'Non-Event Raffle', we hope that you won't come to the event we are not having and not eat the great food that we are not providing.  Okay, so now you have an idea of what this Non-Event event is, or I guess in this case, what it isn't.
Our Non-Event Raffle raises funds to benefit our various Canton Rotary Projects, as well as providing funding for the Youth Backpack Food program, Youth Mentoring programs, and an Opiate Neutralization Bag program.  All such projects are in the Canton City Schools and/or in the City of Canton.  The ticket price is low and purchasing is available online, so we encourage you to get others, even those outside of our club, involved in buying or selling tickets, so they have the opportunity to be part of our community support.
At four weekly meetings between May and June, we will draw two door prize winners at each, with a $500.00 grand prize to be drawn at the fourth meeting.  (Winners need not be present, door prize winners can only win once, but all winning and non-winning tickets will be eligible for the $500 grand prize.)
Tickets are $20 each and may be purchased on Eventbrite at:
There are 120 active members of the Rotary Club of Canton and we have 500 tickets to sell before the first Friday in May.  Please commit to selling at least 4 or 5 tickets before the end of April because "many hands make for light work". Thanks! 
Mark your calendar for the Rotary Club of Canton's upcoming Semi- Annual Health Screen & Wellness Fair scheduled for THIS Saturday, April 27, 2019, from 7 am - 11 am! The event will once again be held at the Mercy Hall Auditorium located at 1320 Mercy Drive, Canton.
Pre-registration will close on Thursday April 25th at 11:59 pm, so follow this LINK   to register prior to the event date!  
Please follow this LINK to print the flyer for the April 27, 2019 event.
The Rotary Club of Canton will once again host its 5th Annual Oktoberfest on Thursday, September 19, 2019 in Downtown Canton! We will feature beer tastings from local breweries, food, musical entertainment and a genuine Oktoberfest band with dancing and singing.
So dust off your Lederhosen and Schnitzel and mark your calendars for this FUN event! You can follow this LINK to grab some tickets for this year's event or this LINK to view sponsorship information! Please keep in mind that we also need lots of volunteers to present this signature event in Downtown Canton! 
Danke schoen! 
During the April 12, 2019 meeting, Vice President Drew Pelger filled in for a traveling President Michelle Mullaly. The president and a number of her fellow Canton Rotarians traveled to Columbus for the District Conference held in conjunction with District 6690.
Vice President Drew welcomed  55 members and 3 guests to the meeting, and informed the members of the passing of Past President Scott Sandrock's mother, Alvina Sandrock. There was a sympathy card available for members to sign for the Sandrock family.
Rotarian Wilbur Allen gave the Invocation.
Congratulations to PP Denny Fulmer for holding the winning 50/50 ticket worth $54.00 (editor's note: Denny generously donated his winnings to the Run, Run - raiser fund collection).
Rotarian Julia Dick filled in for a traveling Secretary Suzette Matthews. Julia welcomed the following guests to the meeting: Gregg Schorsten (speaker); Heidi and Dan Pelger (parents/guests of Drew Pelger).
The "Happy News" was provided by the following:
  • Becky Clark - celebrating the marriage of her daughter, Amy, to one of Canton's finest Police Officer's, Mike Rastetter.
  • Bruce Schorsten - Happy that Spring is here! He mowed his grass for the first time that morning; he is happy the flowers are coming up and the long winter is over!
  • Mark Clendenin - celebrating his friend, Gregg Schorsten, being here as the speaker for the day and for Greg's wonderful presentation he had prepared;
  • PP Virginia Neutzling - thanked church volunteer Georgia for her fabulous baking and the delicious desserts she provides to the Club;
  • Steve Fettman - to thank everyone for coming out to Taggart's to support the Philomatheon Society fundraiser. Also, Steve's thanks went to Rotarian Ernie Schott for supporting this event once again;
  • Shawn Dougherty - celebrating the 80th birthday of fellow Rotarian Fred Whittier; Happy Birthday Fred!!
Rotarian Raquel Raderchak introduced the newest member to the Rotary Club of Canton, Alexandra Dowell. (*see story above)
Vice President Drew reminded everyone about Suzette Matthews' "Run, Run-Raiser" taking place with all donations going to the "Pack the Bus" program. Containers were sent around the room for anyone wishing to donate to this cause. Helping with the containers were Rotarian Raquel Raderchak and Past Presidents Rick Taylor, Craig Young, and Denny Fulmer (who will also participate and run in the HOF Marathon with Suzette). *Editor's note: the Rotarians and guests donated $267.00 this week!
Drew then informed everyone of the "Rotarian of the Year" ballots on the the table. He provided a brief description of the four (4) candidates nominated by their peers this year: James Boggs, Raquel Raderchak, PP Rick Taylor and PP Craig Young.
April Speaker Chair and Chair of the "Unevent Raffle", Mark Clendenin, took to the podium to announce the "Unevent Raffle" which is now up and running. You may visit to purchase tickets which are $20.00 each. You are encouraged to sell tickets to your friends, family, and acquaintances, with an ideal goal of 5 tickets sold per Rotarian (see story above for more details). 
Mark then welcomed his speaker for the day, Gregg Schorsten, who provided the history of the Masters golf tournament via a review of the book, "The Masters: Golf, Money, and Power in Augusta, Georgia" by Curt Sampson, a well know author of golf history.
*Speaker Gregg Schorsten donated a Masters golf book and the winning raffle ticket holder who received this book was Rotarian Don Sultzbach.
Vice President Drew concluded the meeting with the following announcements:
  • If you have not already done so, please consider signing the sympathy card for PP Scott Sandrock and his family;
  • there will be no meeting next week due to the Good Friday
Please mark your calendar for these upcoming events:
     -Health Screen & Wellness Fair - April 27, 2019
     -Annual Golf Outing - June 28, 2019 The Sanctuary Golf Course
     - Oktoberfest - Thursday, September 19, 2019
Apr 26, 2019
Invocator - Becky Clark
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